Silk Painting @ DIAC

Category           :           Painting

Style                 :           Silk

Level                :           Beginner Level

Mediums Used  :            fabric dyes , salt, wax

Artist / Teacher  :           Yoshita Ahmed

Institute             :           DIAC

Timings             :           Saturday(16.30-19.30)

Duration            :           10 Weeks

Location           :           Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

Link                  :  


This class will teach you basic techniques of silk painting in a variety of ways using salt or wax to create special effects and flowing designs.

Projects will be selected with you to suit your experience, starting with simple pieces for the beginner, progressing to more challenging works and techniques allowing you to develop your silk painting skills.

Have you been to this workshop?  Do share your experience in comments below in the form of opinions, pictures and suggestions.