Watercolor Painting Intermediate/Advanced @ DIAC

Category           :           Painting

Style                 :           Still Life / Landscape

Level                :           Intermediate/Advanced Level

Mediums Used  :           Watercolour

Artist / Teacher  :           Patricia Al-Fakhri

Institute             :           DIAC

Timings             :           Tuesday(9.30-12.30), Thursday(10.00-13.00)

Duration            :           6 Weeks

Location           :           Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

Link                  :            http://www.artdubai.com/courses/watercolor-painting-intermediate-advanced-with-patricia-al-fakhri#.VZfZFfmqqko


This class is aimed at those with basic knowledge of watercolours – to develop and improve their techniques and skills.

We will work with landscapes, developing paintings from photographs, paintings from compositional stage, building up, and finishing touches.

Have you been to this workshop?  Do share your experience in comments below in the form of opinions, pictures and suggestions.