Watercolour for Beginners @ DIAC

Category           :           Painting

Style                 :           Still Life

Level                :           Beginner Level

Mediums Used  :           Watercolour

Artist / Teacher  :           Maruska Lebrun

Institute             :           DIAC

Timings             :           Saturday(17.00-20:00), Monday(9.30-12.30)

Duration            :           8 Weeks

Location           :           Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

Link                  :            http://www.artdubai.com/courses/watercolor-for-complete-beginners#.VZfYFfmqqko


This watercolor course for complete beginners will cover all the basic and some advanced techniques of watercolor painting.

During these 8 weeks the students learn about watercolor pigments, cool and warm colors, composition, tone and value. Above all, they will discover the magic of paint and water interacting with white paper.

Have you been to this workshop?  Do share your experience in comments below in the form of opinions, pictures and suggestions.