Soft Pastels @ DIAC

Category           :           Painting

Style                 :           Mixed Art

Level                :           Beginner / Intermediate Level

Mediums Used  :            Pastels

Artist / Teacher  :           Maruska Lebrun

Institute             :           DIAC

Timings             :           Thursday (9.30-12.30)

Duration            :           8 Weeks

Location           :           Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE

Link                  :  


This 8 week course is for beginners as well as for students who have done some pastelling previously and wish to develop their techniques.

During the first class there will be an introduction to the medium: Pastels and Pastel paper, fixing and protecting your pastels. As we go through the course, the students will learn about different pastel strokes, tonal values and composition.

The students may choose their own subjects i.e landscape, flowers, still life. More advanced students may wish to do a pastel portrait.

Have you been to this workshop?  Do share your experience in comments below in the form of opinions, pictures and suggestions.