Submission Guidelines 

Forum Section ( Art , Photography ) 

Our goal is to feature artists that represent diverse backgrounds and art styles in M.E.N.A.  Our team works hard to curate the best submissions every month to be published on our discovery forum. To help us with this , please read through our submission guidelines: 

  • We accept up to 10 portfolio image submissions per person per month. 

  • Each image file size should be greater than 1 MB and less than 5 MB.

  • For artwork done on paper - we accept scanned images (phone pics are not accepted) .

  • For paintings & mixed media - pictures taken by digital cameras focusing on the artwork ( no frames or people in background ) . Kindly crop and optimize before sending them to us.

  • For photography portfolios - The minimum resolution for a photo to be approved is 2 megapixels (ex. 2000px x 1000px). The best photos are at least 12 megapixels (ex. 4000px x 3000px).  (each image file size to be less than 5MB)

  • Kindly refrain from sending us art works with sensitive / political / mature / violent themes.

  • You must own the rights to the images and files you send us.