Art Jameel Photography Award (Deadline: Nov 1, 2015)

Category          :           Photography

Theme              :           'Transitions'

Organization    :           Art Jameel Initiatives

Deadline           :           1-Nov-15

Link                   : 


The Art Jameel Photography Award's (AJPA) mission is to discover emerging talents, develop their skills and exhibit exceptional photographs.


Transitions are life’s hidden changes that affect individuals or societies, or even environments. These transitions may vary in duration. As humans, we often do not realize the transition we are under, as it is just a fragment of the life cycle of existence.

Due to this century’s rapid changes that face societies today, from economic to social to technological changes, transitions have become the essence of our daily lives, and we must focus on them more.

Because of this, we have chosen ‘Transitions’ as the theme of the Art Jameel Photography Award for this year.

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